The story of Diane Rogers has its consummate roots in nothing but food.
Born the niece of bandleader and restaurant owner,
Guy Lombardo and daughter to the Westhampton, Inne owners,
Sid and Rosemarie Rogers,
Diane jumped into the food business feet first. As a teen she studied in Lausanne, Switzerland as a Fille du Buffet and returned a second and third time with her sister Syd, to better realize the European lifestyle.
Together, they put their learning to use and began catering everything from private parties for the U.S.Open in 1979,  to the Toledo Museum of Art's
El Greco exhibit. All this led to the opening of their restaurant, fittingly named Syd & Diane's.
Later, a specialty delicatessen was opened to supply the freshly made and packaged "Incredible brand" recipes that were being served in the restaurant. With no sign, no name and no phone, the women were an instant success with their devoted clientele and Diane had the chance to fine tune her incredible formulas until they were ready to hit the market.
Diane has written recipes for one of the finest cookware companies,
has served on several charity committees,
and is currently working on a cookbook.

Syd & Diane's

Dedicated to inspiring others, young and old, to learn to cook!
My sister Sydney in the
front and myself, in the
taken many years ago for The Blade
Food Fair